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We provide a number of residential insulation materials that allow you to maintain comfortable temperatures and increase the thermal efficiency of your properties. Our home insulation products are made with a powerful combination of materials that have been extensively tested and proven to provide effective temperature control. Whether you’re a construction company building residential properties, or someone simply wanting to insulate their home to reduce energy costs, we can help.

Our house insulation material are made using a proprietary combination of reflective foil and conduction-resistant air bubbles. The reflective outer layer and internal bubble layer are fused together with an intelligent bonding solution, and together they significantly limit the transfer of heat or cold.

Common applications for our residential insulation materials include the insulation of attics, garages and basements.

Our Insulation

house insulation

FoilBuild 1

One layer of bubble film between two sheets of metalized film.

attic insulation

FoilBuild II

Two layers of bubble film between two sheets of metalized film.

FoilBuild White I

One layer of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet on the other for a clean, streamlined, matte appearance.

garage door insulation

FoilBuild White II

Two layers of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet on the other for a clean, streamlined, matte appearance.

residential insulation

Features & Benefits:

  • Substantially improves home energy efficiency
  • Improves interior comfort
  • Lightweight; easy and safe to install
  • Reduces condensation
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rating
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Available in numerous stock sizes
  • Stock items shipped within 24 hours

Available Sizes:

Our home insulation products are available in large rolls in a number of sizes:

  • 12″ x 125′
  • 24″ x 125′
  • 48″ x 125′
  • 96″ x 125′

Residential Insulation Applications

Attic Insulation

Given that a quarter of heat can be lost through the roof of a home, insulating your attic can be a simple and cost-effective way to significantly reduce your energy bills. Assess the condition of your attic and, depending on the circumstances, you could line the roof with our foil-bubble insulation, or simply insulate your attic door if the roof is adequately insulated.

Garage Insulation

If you are seeking to insulate your garage to convert it from a standard storage space to a usable living space within your home, there are a number of steps you can take. Depending on where most heat is being lost, you might want to use our insulation materials as garage door insulation. Alternatively, it might be better to line the ceiling and use the material as garage ceiling insulation. You should assess your specific circumstances before deciding on the best option.

Basement insulation

Basements are another part of the house that can cause you to lose a lot of heat, and if your basement door or ceiling are not properly insulated, this can suck the heat out of your home. Our basement ceiling insulation helps to keep the cold temperatures in the basement, helping you to maintain comfortable temperatures in the rest of your house.

Other applications — Of course, the uses for our insulation don’t stop there. It can also be used for insulating your property’s walls, ceiling, foundations, air vents and more. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities with our staff.

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Other Applications

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Insulation

Reflective insulation materials help to minimize heat transfer in your commercial property, helping to keep winter heating and summer cooling costs to a minimum.

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HVAC Systems

HVAC Insulation

Control the heat transfer in and out of a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system using our advanced reflective insulation.

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Fleet / RV

Fleet / RV Insulation

Maintain a controlled temperature inside your commercial or recreational vehicles.

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